cost of keflex

Are you moving and need to rent moving blankets for your storage space or moving truck?

Do you need long term rentals that are affordable?

Do you need to buy inexpensive moving pads for moving overseas or into long term storage?

We offer a service for long term rentals of moving pads (more than 2 weeks). Our service works similarly to the old soda bottle deposit programs. We have used moving blankets that you buy and if you return them, you receive $4 for every blanket returned in good condition.

We also sell the same professional moving pads that are NEW and unused!

Buy New Pads: $9 (72×80 quilted pad)

Pad Rental: $9 each, $4.00 refund per blanket returned.
Size: 72×80
Recycled Content: 100% and 30% dependent on manufacturer